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Slobodnik Construction Group, Inc.

At Slobodnik Construction Group, Inc., our goal is to make your dreams a reality. With over 35 years experience in construction, consulting, and design, SCG, Inc. has what it takes to build your dreams from the ground up.


Our Story

Tom Slobodnik started Slobodnik Construction Group, Inc. in 2004 with a dream to bring the best construction and design services to the Midwest.


After 18 years of construction management experience with Werner Enterprises he had the experience and capacity to grow SCG, Inc. to what it is today.


Today, Slobodnik Construction Group, Inc. provides commercial, industrial, and residential construction, consulting, and design services to clients.


The SCG, Inc. team has grown over the years to multiple core team members, plus numerous contractors.



President and Founder Thomas Slobodnik started Slobodnik Construction Group, Inc. in 2004 with a dream to bring the best construction and design services to the Midwest. 

Slobodnik Construction Group, Inc. now operates in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Colorado with a Class A contractors license, qualifying SCG, Inc. to build everything from multi-story commercial buildings to residential homes.


SCG, Inc. provides commercial, industrial, and high-value residential construction, consulting, and design services to their clients, focusing on creativity and ingenuity.


Commercial/Industrial Construction

Commercial construction involves the designing, renovating and building of commercial structures. Our clients' projects typically use heavy equipment and a team of background-checked professionals. We take the steps necessary to protect your business and development.


High Value Residential Construction/Remodel

Residential construction is a process that involves the expansion, renovation, or construction of a new home or spaces intended to be lived in. It's important to work with a contractor like SCG, Inc., who has experience in this field and knows how to handle all the challenges that come with it.

Architectural Plans

& Design

With our leaders' decades of experience in the industry, we have the right connections to get the best designers and consultants on your projects. Take a look at some of our subcontractors to get an idea of the teams we deploy, along with ours, to work on your project.

Meet The Team

Our Subcontracting Partners

Have peace of mind with your construction team, knowing that our team members are background checked through OneSource. We also monitor our sites 24/7 with Reolink security camera systems.

“We first approached Tom in 2012 concerning a master bedroom remodel. We also got bids from 2 other contractors so we had numbers to compare. Tom was the highest bidder but he also provided a meticulous bid form with many things the other companies did not mention. Remodel jobs are very difficult to nail down exact costs and Tom anticipated many issues and fortunately he had factored in money for the other things that tend to show up. We had many “change orders” because of unforeseen problems and SCG worked through the issues and still was able to come in under bid.

Now we come to last year. This was a complete remodel of our kitchen, living room, foyer, music room, sunroom and roof. The scope of the job was huge (at least to us). However, this time we did not seek other bids. Our confidence with SCG is such that we knew they would be the highest bidder but their attention to detail would be worth the cost. They again performed as before. We have a beautiful Kitchen/Living room with a cathedral ceiling. Their bid was right on the money. There were savings in some things and extra costs on others. But they balanced out in the end.”

-Steve K.

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